First idea and first information to get about “Agile” Method

Ok, let’s start!

I’m Chris. I work in Information System and I’ve been Project Manager for ten years. I started my carreer 20 years ago as a Analyst-Programmer. the time of the perforated cards was just over! You really had to think deeply before programming something!!!

I still agree with this idea that it’s essential to think deeply before acting and developing.

For a longtime, we used to describe a project with lot’s of details and write everything about it before, during and after the software or the product delivered.

What amazing energy to spend: I think tat this method is still avalaible for very technical, Industrial and dangerous projects. What do you think about it?

Furthermore, I think we found out some years ago that it wasn’t necessary to go so deeply in management or business management projects. It is now more important to describe only the essential and to go fast toward this. even if we have to go back many times to the description/specification. What about it?

I’m interested in “Agile” method. Would you give me some essential information about it?

Thanks for what it will my first answers in this Blog!  Welcome.